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Environmental Impact

of Eating with

Sierra Valley Food

By eating at Sierra Valley Food instead of eating at traditional restaurants that serve animal products you, the customer, are purchasing food that can potentially save hundreds of gallons of water to produce the food you are consuming. Our estimates of conserved gallons of water are taken from the amount of water to produce a certain amount of animal product, then we subtract the amount of water needed to produce the same amount of food. Below are just a few estimates of how much water it takes to produce some common animal food products. 

Animal Products


1851 Gallons

per 16 oz.


719 Gallons

per 16 oz. 


667 Gallons

per 16 oz. 


519 Gallons

per 16 oz. 


607 Gallons

per 16 oz. 


607 Gallons

per 16 oz. 


122 Gallons

per 16 oz. 

Sierra Valley Food Products 

Red "Pork" Tamale

33 Gallons

per tamale

"Cheese" and Green Salsa Tamale

18 Gallons

per tamale

"Chicken" Tamale

15 Gallons

per tamale

Black Bean Tamale

14 Gallons

per tamale

"Chorizo" Burrito

28 Gallons

per Burrito

"Chicharron Gordita"

38 Gallons

per Gordita

Al Pastor Taco

17 Gallons

per Taco 



45 Gallons

per Taco

Water consumption estimates are obtained from a Water Footprint website. Feel free to visit this site for more information. 

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